From logging calls to creating invoices. The one stop solution for all your helpdesk requirements.

Helpdesk Extra is an all-in-one customer service solution carefully designed and built from years of experience in the customer service industry. The hosted solution allows for a central administration team, call centre teams, engineer access and a fully responsive customer portal that can be accessed on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Sounds interesting? Contact us for more information on purchase and licensing.

Central Administration

Through super users the system allows specific members to be able to fully control the 'gears' behind the scene. From setting up users, access control, defining drop-down content and much more. The super user gives you the ultimate control over the system.

Engineer / Call Centre

The Engineer and Call Centre modules are at the heart of the system. The process starts with the call centre adding a call to the system, and this in turn can be automatically geographically allocated to an engineer in the field, who in turn can update the call notes with their findings.


The latest addition to the system is the customer portal. This allows your end users to register their details and equipment, access manuals online and log calls directly from the phone, tablet or desktop devices. The calls are then allocated by the system and the engineer books his visit.

Why Helpdesk Extra?

What makes Helpdesk Extra the Helpdesk Software of choice?

Helpdesk Extra has been built 'in the field'.

Over the last 3 years the system has matured and developed to take into account all possible aspects of the customer service process.

Support when you need it.

As a commercial product, Helpdesk Extra offers professional support when you need it. Support contracts are available on an annual basis. Contact us for more information.

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